Tropical Hab

Tropical Hab

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2022 Award Winner- Zest Fest, TX, 3rd place Caribbean style mild/med.
Transport your taste buds to the tropics! This delicious combination of sweet and spicy starts with ripe mangos, sweet pineapple & juicy oranges, along with habanero and fresno peppers. Some onion, garlic, fresh lime and ginger juice join the party to really round it off and make this sauce hard to put down. Wonderful on anything you desire, especially fish, ceviche, mac n cheese, tacos, pizza, & cocktails!
NO ADDED SUGAR of any kind! Low sodium, all natural, vegan & naturally gluten free.



  1. Holy guacamole this one has flavor. Yes, it’s hot, but you won’t mind. It is a beautiful song played by an orchestra of mangos, pineapples, citrus, and habañeros. It adds a fantastic tangy, sweet contrast to dishes. I’ve put this on carnitas, fish tacos, coleslaw, and other dishes and it literally never fails to elevate the dish. It is HOT and worth every drop of sweat. Buy two, you won’t be able to stop putting this on everything.

    • Haha I love that…”It’s hot, but you won’t mind” You’ve described the sauce perfectly! Thank you. I’m happy you are enjoying it on so many delicious dishes.

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